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Children & Young People

Being a parent or carer can feel overwhelming at times. All you want is for your child to thrive and be happy, so it can be difficult to see them struggle. It's tough. But as much as you want to be the person they come to with their concerns and 'fix' any worries they have, this isn't always possible.


Sometimes, children benefit from talking to a professional, someone who has the training to help with their particular concern and someone who is unbiased. By creating a safe space to talk through their concerns, child counselling can help children understand their emotions better, develop coping skills and build emotional resilience, something that will serve them well into adulthood.

I hold a Master's level postgraduate qualification in counselling children and young people. I have am currently working with many leading children and young people's agencies across Bristol and South West, providing psychotherapy and clinical supervision. So I understand the challenges young people are facing in today's society.

I really listen to you in a non-judgmental way, and give you a safe space to talk through what is bothering you. No matter how large or small the problem seems to be, I can help you explore and understand your feelings, thoughts and your actions.

Gradually you can see how other peoples’ feelings and actions may be affecting you. Then you can start to make positive changes, perhaps begin to see the choices and options that were hidden before.

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