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Clinical Supervision

Supervision in counselling is when a professional counsellor uses the services of another counsellor or psychotherapist to review the way they work with their clients. Supervision is a key requirement by many reputed professional counselling membership and regulatory bodies such as the BACP, UKCP and NCS.


Supervision ensures that all counsellors in practice are keeping their skills up to date and that they work in a safe and ethical way. Supervision in counselling therefore also forms part of the counsellor’s continuous professional and personal development. Supervision is therefore what makes counselling a managed and professional activity.

Supervision like counselling deepens as the relationship is developed. I offer an ethical and structured opportunity to explore your client work and understand yourself as the counsellor. As our relationship grows, I hope you would experience yourself as loving supervision, feeling safe and supported, and excited by the therapeutic process that you are offering your clients.

My supervision approach is underpinned by Inskipp and Proctor’s Functional Model and Hawkins & Shohet’s Seven Eyed Model of Supervision. I also draw on other theories, such as, Person-Centred, Transactional Analysis, Psychodynamic, Egan’s three stages of supervision and creative ways of supervision.

I strive to work in a way that assists the supervisee to review the counselling relationship and the client’s story and look at the underlying messages experienced in the counselling sessions, looking for understanding. Together we would look for possible blind spots and focus on different permutations of relationships; the client experience, the dynamics between the counsellor and client & the inter-relational experience between us as supervisor/supervisee, as well as the wider context including social constructs, sense of culture, difference and diversity and sexuality.

We would consider the invitation and temptation to collude and how to deliver and hold challenge.
We would strive to offer the core conditions, paying attention to complex nature of the counselling relationship. Offering you the opportunity to keep the core conditions central to your work hoping to develop conscious congruence, and a growing understanding of its use. We would focus on the structure of counselling, and on the ethical framework.

I currently work with counsellors offering counselling to all age groups including children and young people, couples, families, and individuals. I have worked with counsellors stepping into private practice and can support the development of the structure and help in the beginning process. 


The Supervision I offer is available to qualified counsellors, counsellors-in-training (on placement) and other individual working within an helping profession. I also offer supervision of supervision. I have supervised a diverse group of counsellors ranging from trainees to experienced practitioners. It’s a pleasure to support the work of others and to observe and foster professional development.

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